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A garden in Holland. 
Welcome on the gardensite of Thijs de Graaf.  A site about my hobby 'gardening' and 'photographing plants, insects and other animals'.  (  )

terras... garden         


Hertshooi (Hypericum elite 'Orange Wave')    voortuin  Garden

The pictures of my garden are from different seasons. Winter, spring, summer and autumn and have their own charm. In "spring 2007" and “summer flowers” I describe many plants.
Also I have mentioned my house plants and euphorbia. On the page "garden" you can see pictures of the front- and back garden.  

Comma (Polygonia c album)  Family Nymphalidae    Harlekijnlieveheersbeestje (Harmonia quadripunctata). Genus Harmonia. Onderfamilie Coccinellinae. Familie Lieveheersbeestjes (Coccinellidae).   Animals     

In 2007, I  have started to describe the animals in the garden. Many insects have their own page now. (butterflies, damsel-dragonflies, flies,beetles, bugs, hoverflies 1 and 2, wasps and bees, spiders). And several subpages.

Annecy, uitzicht    Eden Project  My holidays    

I also have made some pages about different holidays. I describe the landscape as much as possible. Of course I have made a choice. The first pictures of France are from a long time ago. But also the pictures of Ireland, Scotland and Czechia I had to scan.  

De duinen    De duinen  The dunes    

In January 2009 I have made a start with a page about the dunes around here.

The first photos are taken with an hp photosmart 735, from 2007 with a hp photosmart R818, from 2008 a Fujifilm FinePix S9600, from May 2010 a Sony digital camera DSLR-A450 and from May 2018 a Sony Alpha SLT A68. Macro photos I mostly make with the Tamron SP AF90mm F/2.8 lens. Sometimes with a macro conversion lens. For the other photos a Sigma 17-70mm F/2.8-4.0 DC
I wish you much joy!
Take also a look at my favourite links.  

Some photos I've taken on Flickr.  

My photos on Stocksites.

Alamy. An English stock photo website. The lowest earning stock site for me. Few sales, but for a good price.
Adobe Stock. An American company that has a stock website in addition to computer software. Unfortunately, no editorial photos will be accepted.
Shutterstock. Stock website, which sells a lot. Companies, that buy a lot of photos, pay low prices. Until June 2020, we got $ 0.25 for these photos, and if you sold a lot, even 0.36. Now that has been reduced to 0.10. Some have stopped for that reason. 


dirkustrations Illustrations, paintings by our son Dirk Jan de Graaf (illustrator). Some photos and drawings on Shutterstock.
MoMoLab  Company for which Dirk Jan works. Consists of a team of designers, animators, programmers and artists.
Specializes in interactive experiences that combine physical spaces with digital content. For exhibitions, serious games and programs. Tailor-made for museums, exhibitions, visitor centers and showrooms.


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Illustrationss, paintings of Dirk Jan de Graaf. (illustrator)   Illustrations, paintings of Dirk Jan de Graaf. (illustrator) Dirkustrations.  


The removal of our sick horse chestnut.

When we came back from our holiday to Australia ( on June 1) one of our chestnuts already lost all its leaves. There was no sap under the bark. 

I have made on August 2, 2012 a report of the removal of the tree .

Photo 5 June 2012: You can see the difference with the left chestnut and the chestnuts on the front of the house.

Het weghalen van een zieke paardenkastanje.

Unfortunately, in 2023, the second chestnut also fell ill and had to be cut down. I have added a second report to the first.



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